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Interested in a custom design using your own
heirloom items?
Vintage Crystal Star Broach
Recycled brass lamp finial
Aurora Borealis Opal Crystals
Rosary Beads
"Save the Queen" Artist print
Set in Balsa Wood in Resin
Vintage rhinestone chain & earrings, swarovski crystals
Artist sculpted face on recycled Metal scroll plate
Mixed Media
Swarovski crystals & wire
Vintage Photo set in Resin
Surrounded by rhinestones
Vintage Aurora Borealis Broach
Recycled Pink Button Star
Swarovski Crystals & Beads
Artist designed Sculpted Heart
Silver duo peacock stamping
Vintage Crystal button
Rhinestone bracelet link
Aurora Borealis Crystlas
Artist designed sculpted Heart
Brass stamped plate
Vintage Aurora Borealis earring
Swarovski crystals & lava beads
scrap leather & suede strips
Artist sculpted wings from resin
Sterling Silver hallow heart
Recycled Crown button
Aurora Borealis crystal quartz
Artist sculpted Clay Face
Recycled Crystal Belt Buckle
Brass stamped plate
Vintage clip on earrings & bracelet
Recycled Resin decorative frame
St Michael photo set in resin
Vintage crystal clip on earring
Recycled chandelier crystals
Vintage Cameo broach
Recycled brass drawer pull 
Vintage Aurora Borealis earring
Swarovski crystals
Olive nut beads
Artist designed Mixed Media Heart
Recycled Porcelain heart pendant
Lace, gold foil, sequins & crystals
Vintage Bow broach & crystal pin
Recycled bracelet links
Vintage wrist watch case & dial
Grandfather clock skeleton key
Recycled Holy Family Pin
Aurora Borealis crystals
Vintage photo in resin with rhinestone chain surroundings
Chandelier crystal & prisms
Recycled crystal crown button
Vintage pocket watch chain
Artist designed Mixed Media Heart
Vintage clip on earring
Aurora Borealis crystals
Shell flakes & brass embellishment
Recycled bracelet links

Please remember that I travel abroad exhibiting in Art Shows with these designs, therefore
if you are interested in any piece below, please contact me directly for availability 
as these are ONE OF A KIND and will not be duplicated. 
Adjustments to length can be made prior to shipping.  
As always shipping is FREE with $100 or more 
19th Century French "Ex-Voto" 
Vintage Pocket Watch Movement
Gold Metallic Quartz Stone
Brass Ball Chain & Rhinestones
Recycled pin & tie tack
Artist designed Heart
Vintage carved medallion
Recycled black crystal earring
Pheasant feathers, Olive Nut beads
Leather & suede recycled strips
Vintage post card in resin
Silver stamped corner plate
Vintage broach & clip on earring
Swarovski Aurora Borealis crystals
Vintage cameo broach
Recycled triple ring brass pin
Vintage crystal shoe buckle
Recycled Chandelier crystals
Aurora Borealis crystals
"Under the Sea" Artist print in resin
Personal collection of sea shells & sand from Ft Meyers beach
Aurora Borealis loose vintage crystal
Artist designed & crafted resin wings
Recycled porcelain heart pendant
Vintage garnet & crystal star pin
Recycled metal lace stampings
Swarovski crystals
Vintage Fortune Teller photo in resin
Brass bezel with rhinestone chain
Vintage Star gaze pin in brass
Recycled Rhinestone crown button
Chandelier crystal
Vintage "Inspired" Cameo
Vintage Rhinestone chain
Recycled Magnetic Refrigerator frame
Recycled dress belt clip
Assorted Crystals & beads
Vintage post card photo in resin
Brass bezel with rhinestone chain
Vintage enamel & rhinestone pins
Aurora Borealis Rose broach
Recycles watch band
Artist designed Inspired Cameo
Recycled brass drawer pull handle
Vintage clip on earring
Swarovski crystals & beads
Vintage camel broach
Recycled brass earring plate
Recycled rhinestone crown pin
Rosary beads & rhinestone chain
Fishing lure connectors & crystals
Recycled Porcelain doll's head
Chandelier Crystals & prisms
Recycled crystal Crown broach
Vintage rhinestone earrings
Recycled beaded drapery trim
Recycled circuit board in resin
Vintage rhinestone shoe clip
Recycled appliance light bulb
Rosary beads
Recycled circuit board in resin
Rhinestone earring
Artist sculpted bust 
Recycled Rosary beads
Artist sculpted Heart
Vintage Rhinestone bracelet links
Recycled crystal crown button
Blue stone & sword embellishment
Assorted Ribbon, beads & chain
Beetle Talisman
Recycled crystal beetle pin on wood
Leather, suede and metal scraps
Crystal and scrolled silver tassel
Key Talisman
Recycle wood & enamel button
Vintage skeleton key
Vintage flower broach
Leather, suede & metal scraps
Adjustable rhinestone bib
Various collectible vintage religious medallions, crosses, wings, keys & spikes
Crystal Talisman
Vintage Rhinestone broach
Quartz stone with rhinestone trim
Chandelier crystal
Leather, suede and metal scraps

Assorted Vintage Collectible
Religious medallions, crosses, keys, wings,brass spikes & rosary beads
Chandelier crystals & recycled beaded drapery trim
Clock Talisman
Recycled wooden button
Vintage Manchester porcelain pocket watch face dial trim in crystal
Recycled earring, copper pipe, pheasant feathers, leather & suede